Thursday, August 23, 2007

MS3 Completed

I have completed my MS3 project -- Swan Lake Stole. Melanie did an excellent job with this Mystery Knit. I am excited about MS4, however that won't be until 2008! In the meantime I have signed up for several other KAL's. I am waiting for yarn for both projects to arrive. One of the KAL starts on September 3rd. Both are Yahoo Groups, both groups' names escape me at this time.

I bought Richard and he bought me, yes we both both the same gifts for each other, Canon Rebel camera for our anniversary. #36 this year -- is that possible? It was too funny when we both looked into the gift bags we exchanged and saw the red camera boxes we had to laugh. The exact same cameras! One of them will go back.
When I have taken the time to get to know how to use the camera and photo sharing capabilities I'll post a picture of my MS3 Stole. I prefer to call it MS3!

We got disappointing news last night that one of the potential buyers will not be able to take one of the puppies afterall. I guess money is an issue and they are not willing to spend it for the pup. Now comes the hassel of finding a new owner just days before the pups should be going home. I'll call Carlsbad Animal Hospital and see about posting something there to find a new home for this little girl.