Saturday, February 16, 2008

February 16

Franticly knitting away on SOC. I am just a few rows from finishing Clue 5 - YEAH! It is absolutely beautiful! I am so glad I did not try to add beads to this one. I am thinking I will make somekind of multi-strand necklace with the beads I purchased and didn't use.

Read my emails this morning and found Moni has listed another Mystery Knit. This one to begin sometime in the summer. Good thing! I have not even cast on yet for the Fisherman's Wife shawl and she has Secret of Bad Heim or something like that yet to start. Then there is the Spring Surprise Shawl, I forget whose Mystery Knit that one is, that is in progress that I have not cast on for yet and the other Mystery Knit that should be posting it's first clue today. Not to mention all the items I have in my Queue on Ravelry and all the other projects that are already started and not yet completed. I need more time in my day just to knit!!!!

I am thinking I want to get the yarn stash in the garage and in my closet and in the guest room out and go thru all of it to reorganize everything. Maybe even get rid of some of it. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have all the projects in process in one location complete with their instructions! Then there's the ones in process that I've taken the needles to use on other projects. Maybe those should be frogged since I no longer know what size needles I was using.

Gayle from Women in the Word wants me to teach her how to knit. I'm so excited for her. She was talking to another gal at choir practice on Thursday night about it and she might want to learn as well. I'll need to put some thought to putting together a lesson plan...

RB and I celebrated a wonderful Valentines Day/half year anniversary at Pala. I had a facial and manicure done while I waited for him to arrive. Since the weather was so crummy because of the rain we decide to just eat there instead of driving to Fallbrook for sushi. We opted for the buffet. It was pretty much what you should expect from a buffet. I did like the shrimp and I wished I had grabbed a few more of the coconut macaroons - those were really yummy! We went for sushi for lunch and it was totally worth the wait!