Saturday, July 7, 2007

I've been so envious of others that have their own blog page. Now I have my own. Does this mean more time spent in front of this dang computer, more time spent sitting on my hiney? I'll hafta get more disciplined as well.
I joined up on This is a cool weight loss and motivational site. I hope it will get me to 142 by 9/8/7. And then my ultimate goal will be 136, not 135 -- 136. Where did that come from?
I need to stay off the knitting websites and Yahoo groups. It only encourages and tempts me to more and more knitting. So many patterns and yarns, so little time to get to them all.
I'm working a few rows a day on Aimee's Surplice Lace top. It's a good project to work on while watching TV in the evenings. I don't need to concentrate that much on the pattern.
My other project in process have too much going on that I can't watch TV and knit at the same time. I haven't done much knitting on Hannah's Aran pullover. I really should try to get that done before going to Indiana so I can take it with me. I figure I can take that and Hadden's pullover and boxes and wrapping paper and leave them there for Christmas. I won't have to pay postage if I bring them with me.

I bought green cotton yarn to make dishcloths for the trailer. No trailer though, it's in getting the lift system repaired so no need to hurry with the dish cloths. Service guy said he'd call when all the parts had arrived and then they could give us a better idea when the trailer will be done getting repaired. Also an idea of how much to repair. We still are praying that it will be covered under the warranty. I just hope summer hasn't come & gone before the trailer is repaired.

The other project that I'm anxious to start is the shrug made with the Alpaca Grande yarn. That should be a quick knit. I'm hoping it goes well and that I can make one for Tracy. I need to remember that I'll need one more skein of yarn and 22 inches instead of 16 inches. Maybe I'll save this as my project to make when I fly to Indiana. What will RB do with himself while I'm gone - I'll bet he loves the free time to he’ll have to himself.
I got Clue 2 to MS3 on Friday. I have knit to about row 115 and need to have completed row 150 before Friday the 13th, when clue 3 comes out. 99 stitches to each row, need to pay very close attention to each stitch. It's a booger when I get to the end of the row and I still have stitches left or just as bad, not enough left to complete the row. Tink back until I know I've knit everything right and knit it over again.
We built; actually RB built the condo for the puppies. I hope they arrive by the 13th. I've got it all counted out and they will be ready to go home to their new homes by 8/30/07. If everyone that said they want a pup really gets one, we've got 5 spoken for already. I wonder how many she'll have...

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