Friday, November 16, 2007

Hair cut!

I have an appointment today for a haircut. I'll be trying Linda's gal at Mane Attraction. I hope she works out. Location will be a bit closer than going down the coast to Del Mar and the price is right. I thought I wanted longer hair so I could pull it up and out of the way, but it never seems to look good and it's always in my face! I'm thinking I might take my "Betty Crocker" picture in to see if she could cut it similar to what I had in that picture - short but big.

Signed on this morning to download latest clues for Mystery KAL's. Signed up for still another one! This is why I don't read my emails everyday, I could spend all day on the computer and when I do, I either buy something or signup for something and then hafta buy! Now that I am recorded my yarn stash on ravelry, I am hoping I'll be better able to tell what yarns I actually have and start using some of them up. The only problem is I am signing up for lace KAL's and my stash tends to be thicker yarns...

I've been placing stitch markers like crazy when working on Icelandic. And I'm pleased to say it is paying off. I have made tremendous strides on the center white section and have not had to frog or tink back because of an error in the stitch count. I place a marker after every 5 [k1p1k1 in one stitch, k3tog]. I also place stitch markers around the center 3 stitches - making it easier to do the k3tog without removing a marker to do so. On the return row, I adjust the stitch markers to count every 10 stitches so I know I have finished with the correct number of stitches for the row.

SOTS is moving right along. I am about 1/2 a day behind schedule. I will finish up clue 6 today and clue 7 was available for download this morning. From the looks of clue 7, we are finally reaching the end. One more clue should do it - YEAH!!! My stole is LONG! I haven't measured it yet, but when I hold it up I have to raise my arm or it will puddle on the floor. I haven't made up my mind if I will overdye it when I'm all done. We'll see how it looks when it's off the needle but before I block it. If I overdye it, I'll do that then block.

SOC hasn't been knit on in weeks. What happened to my plan to knit 2 rows a day... I haven't been staying up as late at night since we started walking again. That's good for my health but bad for my knitting!

I've misplaced my little camera so I am not able to take pictures of the progress on any of my lacework. It is not in the camera bag, nor is it by the computer. So where would I have set it down... I hafta find it and post new pics of my progress with KAL's!

I got out the box of old photo albums that Janet found when we were moving the parents out of the big house. I have scanned almost all of the photos. What I have not scanned is the ones that are glued or really tacked down the the photo pages. I'll need to get the photo adhesive remover so I don't destroy the pictures removing them from the book. I am hoping to have all the photos scanned before the end of the month when Janet & Colby come down. I can then send the whole box home with Janet. This has been fun trying to decipher who is who in the phots. After I have given the box with the original photos to Janz, I'll try to sit with mom and have her tell me about the scanned pictures so I can better organize them and then get them put into some kind of album for me.

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