Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is it really end of October already?

Oh my, I just logged in and realized it has been ages since I have blogged and looking at the calendar realized October has pretty much come and gone - buzzed right by!

I frogged my Icelandic shawl and have put it away. Just today I was thinking I would resurrect it and knit just 2 rows a day, I can commit to that. Hopefully by only knitting 2 rows I won't get into a groove and lose my concentration. I think that was my problem before. When I'd lose concentration, I'd miss or drop yarn overs and the stitch count would be off. With so many stitches on the needle it was too time consuming to tink back to find the missed stitch or stitches.

I have completed the Mystery Shawl Along #5. I made it with Fiddlesticks' Country Silk in Spice. When I put it in the sink to wash prior to blocking I found it bled some. So I drained the sink, put clean water in along with some vinegar and let it soak, hoping it would help stop the bleed. I drained and refilled and drained one more time and then blocked the shawl.

When Aimee came by this morning for church I showed it to her and put it on her. She almost immediately asked if I had soaked it in vinegar, so it was still smelling of that. I have it soaking and rinsing and soaking and rinsing as I write. And I noticed it is still bleeding!

Since I finished MSA-5 I have concentrated on Secret of The Stole and am pleased at how rapidly it moves. I am almost done with clue 3. Clue 4 or was it clue 5 was released Friday, so I'm not too far behind. I think I can get caught up before the next clue is realeased.

I cast on and knit the first six rows of Secret of the Chrysopolis while we drove into Orange County to see Richard's dad. I am using some gray Lacey Lamb that I got from a yarn exchange for this Mystery Knit. I am really liking how soft it feels!
Since it was just a matter of doing the cast on and the first 4 rows were garter stitch, I could knit these while we drove. Once we got there, knitting was put away.
I was so shocked when I saw grandpa B. He has let his beard grow, so he's very scraggly looking. But what is so shocking is how gaunt he looks. He's not eating! His weight is down to 123! There is nothing left of him. Jeanna has changed their plans to be at the condo for Christmas this year. She doesn't think he will last that long, and I think she's right. So we're back on the emotional roller coaster, watching a parent wither and die right before our eyes!
Bible Study has become quite the growing experience for me. This year we are doing the Patriarchs by Beth Moore. Since i have become a co-leader I feel I need to fully complete each day in the event Kathy and Pat are unable to lead. Last week Pat was not there, but Kathy was back in town. Kathy did one day and I lead the 2nd day. It was pretty scarrey. Somehow I need to get others to join in the discussion, that is my big challenge! God will and is growing me through this whole experience!

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Nautical Knitter said...

Your stole is looking fabulous! Keep up the great work!